About us

The "gropies berlin" is a young mixed choir of the Gropiusstadt Choir School at the Public Music School "Paul Hindemith Neukölln" in the district of Neukölln. The choir was founded in 1981 by the Choir Conductor Bernhard Jahn.

Since most members of the "gropies berlin" have started with the childrens choir, "Gropiuslerchen". The members average choir experience is 10 years. The choir has 50 members with an average age of 29 years.

The repertoire of the choir includes songs from different areas of music - from Madrigals to Classical to Modern music. However, the choir's prefered genre is jazz, pop, and swing. An interesting collection of international choir music has been gathered by the "gropies berlin" through their international performances in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia, Hungaria, Belgium, Holland, France, Lithuania, Brazil, Estonia, the USA and Italy.

The choir "gropies berlin" is one of the most popular young choirs of Berlin, performing in studios and on television shows. The choir has also held their concerts in some of Berlin's most prestigious concert halls such as the Philharmonie and the Konzerthaus.
The "gropies berlin" also perform at special occasions and presentations.

Highlights in the choir history